Monthly Archives: November 2010

Yogasana Camp @ Ramakrishna Math


Ramakrishna Math is conducting a Yogasana Camp for 15 days starting from 28th November. The camp will be from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm and will be guided by Sri Mohan Kumblekar.
Interested people have to register their names before hand at the Ashram Office. For more details please contact 0824-2414412.


Pouranika Yaksha Vaibhava


Ramakrishna Math in association with “Vibhinna” is organizing Yakshagana on the 17th & 18th December in SWami Vivekananda Auditorium from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Artistes from both Tenku thittu and Badagu thittu will be performing “Lankadahana”, “Ramanjaneya”, “Narakasura Vadhe”, “Garuda Garva bhanga” and “Krishnarjuna” Entry is free. All are welcome.

Antaryoga held at Ramakrishna Math


Antaryoga – one day spiritual retreat was held in our Ashrama on the 21st November. About 450 people participated in the retreat. The programme consisted of Archana, Lectures by Swami Harshanandaji Maharaj & Sri Lakshmisha Tolpady, Bhajans and drama.