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Ramakrishna Mission Balakashrama invites application from students


Ramakrishna Mission @ Mangalore is runing a Balakashrama, free hostel for students from 8th to 10th std. Students who have passed 7th std with first class marks and are coming from rural background, irrespective of caste or creed, are admitted into the hostel after an entry test. They will be provided free boarding, lodging and educational facilities here though out their stay.

In the Balakashrama, the boys are encouraged to cultivate virtuous tendencies, acquire the art of social duty, develop refined tastes, cultivate self-respect etc. One of the important features is that the boys are allowed to manage the affairs of the Balakashrama, including the up-keep of premises, inculcating thereby the spirit of self-reliance, dignity of labour, co-operation and personal effort. They participate in the daily routine of the Math such as morning and evening congregational prayer.

Students who have written 7th std exams in March 2009 and are awaiting their results can contact our Balakashrama for more details and application form. The contact no. is 0824-2414216

Personality Development Camp


Ramakrishna Math @ Mangalore is organizing a Personality Development Camp for interested students from 16th April to 30thy April. The camp will be from 9.00am till noon and special features of the camp include Vedic Chanting, Gita Chanting, Bhajans, Guided Meditation, Valued education programmes etc. Entry to the camp is free of cost. Interested participants have to register their names at the Ashrama office by filling up a form before 14th April.  For more details please contact our office @ 0824-2414412